Town of Beulaville, NC


Beulaville Public Works began in 1953. Since then Public Works has became a vital part of the Town Of Beulaville. Public Works consists of Public Works Director - Earl Sanderson Public Works Supervisor - Jason Drinkwater and Public Works Associate - Eric Atkinson.. The Public Works Department is commited to the constant maintenance and improvement of the Town's infrastructure and appearance.
Beulaville Public Works Department
The Public Works Department receives citizen requests, and/or complaints and dispatches them to the proper person for resolution. Public Works personnel also enforces the town's animal control ordinance protecting citizens by removing stray and dangerous animals from our neighborhood. The Animal Control Officer for the Town of Beulaville is Joe Carroll.
The Public Works Department's chief responsiblities are maintaining the town's water and sewer systems, town streets, and storm drainage systems. The Public Works
Department repairs water line breaks, installs new water and sewer lines, clears sewage lines, installs water and sewer taps, locates underground water and sewer lines for public utilities by request, and reads residential and commercial water meters.

Eric Atkinson
Beulaville Public Works Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

Telephone: 910-298-4178 or 910-298-4647


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