Town of Beulaville, NC

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The Town of Beulaville was founded in 1874. In the 1870's, Beulaville appeared a bit rowdy. With lumbering and farming being the area's primary occupation, Beulaville's economic well-being depended on products and by-products of the pine tree: tar, turpentine, resin, lumber, and paper pulp. However, in those early years, turpentine wasn't the only liquid being distilled. Corn liquor, "moonshine", had became a significant mainstay. Those who came from surrounding communities to buy supplies often indulged in the beverage of the day. Perhaps fueled by drink, arguments and fights would occasionally ensue wherein the combatants would "snatch" at each other's clothes, somtimes tearing them. Small wonder then, the crossroads earned the dubious nicknames, Tearshirt and Snatchette. With the establishment of the Post Office in 1873, Snatchette became the official name of the town. Ida Sandlin, who later became the town's Postmistress, disapproved of the name Snatchette. She changed the name of the town in 1874 to Beulaville, naming it after the Beulah Baptist Church. In 1915, Beulaville became incorporated, and remains the youngest town in Duplin County to this day.